Britney Spears was robbed with the help of many DISHONORABLE judges and dirty lawyers who pretend to care or help but only steal

UG Los Angeles County California Judge Brenda J Penny helps lawyer Samuel D Ingham III rob Britney blind.

  THESE ARE THE HEINOUS CRIMES DONE BEFORE TOTALLY DISHONORABLE JUDGES WHO LAUGH BECAUSE FBI, DOJ, POLICE AND GOVERNMENT IGNORE THESE CRIMES, ABUSES AND MURDERS IN PROBATE COURT   WARNING ABOUT CONSERVATORSHIP/GUARDIANSHIP: What needs to be investigated and exposed. The small legal groups (gangs) of people involved in these questionable conservatorship/guardianship cases, same judges, lawyers and property companies who elect and assign each other. Often victims have no choice who represents them and can’t change that person should they feel violated or unfairly treated. There are Conservator rights and rules but the problem is the judge often ignore or don’t… Continue reading