Please be as accurate in your spelling, details and use the correct County when available as our listings are by county and state. Remember, lawyers’ middle names or initials are important, as there may be more than one Lawyer with the same name.

You can find your lawyer’s exact name, license and area of practice by searching “State Bar License Lawyers Name ” It’s important we make sure the lawyer you are listing is the correct lawyer, thus we request you take the time to make sure the info you provide us correct

You can include URL (Hyper Links) to news stories, articles, state bar license page of the Lawyer or other info in the message details box.
Thank you and with the help of millions of victims we will have a chance at change against the thousands of BAR members who take advantage of Lawyer status, authority and Impunity.
We highly recommend you visit our other site within our community and list your abuse. Your Lawyer info will automatically be added to our community pages in an effort to warn others.
Please visit and register (anonymous) or with your actual name so we can verify your actual court victim status.

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